Weightlifting shoes

Weightlifting shoes

Using high quality weightlifting equipment to get better at lifts like squats (front squats and back squats), dead lifts,  Snatch, Clean and Jerk and even in your Squat Jumps it is important to have good equipment to help you increase weights and use proper form. But the weightlifting shoes are mainly there to you get a better base, to help you increase stability.

There are alot of different brands that make weightlifting shoes but Nike, Adidas and Reebok are the three most popular brands ot day. In general the Nike weightlifting shoes have a bit higher heel whihc could be beneficial for lifters who has the tendencies to putting the body too far back.

Benefits and reasons why you should use weightlifting shoes

The weightlifting shoes are used to help you have a solid plattform when squatting and doing different weightlifting excersises. The more stable you are the more you can work on using a good form when performing the different weightlifting excersies.

  • Help you lift more weight on squats, snatches, clean and jerks by increasing stability.
  • Sets you up so you use good start and finnish position in your lifts.
  • Weightlifting shoes will help you squat more upright - which results in less stress on your lower back.

How to avoid knee and back pain in Squats? You can avoid knee and back pain from performing squats using good technique, having a stable plattform, warming up and using knee wraps and maybe also a belt, if you squat serious weights.

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Reebok weightlifting shoes

Reebok makes lots of weighlifting shoes, but they also use weightlifting shoes that are marketed for Crossfit. Most of the Crossfit shoes by Reebok will work good as a stabalizing weightlifting shoe. Reebok makes stylish shoes which will last a long time. 

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Nike weightlifting shoes

Nike weighlifting shoes are great - More information will be up soon

Adidas weightlifting shoes

Adidas weighlifting shoes are great - More information will be up soon

VS Athletics

VS Athletics weighlifting shoes are great - More information will be up soon


Pendlay weighlifting shoes are great - More information will be up soon


Inov-8 weighlifting shoes are awsome - More information will be up soon

Amber Sporting Goods

Amber weighlifting shoes are good - More information will be up soon


The Converse Chuck Taylors have been used for years by weightlifters and bodybuilders. They are cheap and stable and will work great for deadlifts!


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